Alternative Ways To Spend New Year's Eve

If spending New Year's Eve in a crowded club or pub doesn't sound appealing, here are some alternative ways to celebrate.


Have or go to a house party

Whether you host your own or go to a friend's, house parties always have a nicer atmosphere than going to an overcrowded club.

You can relax more knowing that you'll only be going from your house to the party and back.

Plus you'll save money buying alcohol in a supermarket or off-licence rather than having to pay €10 for a single serving of vodka and lemonade.

Even better, if you have your own party, when you get tired you can tell everyone to leave and hop into bed, so it's a win-win!


Have a chill night with your family

Why not spend some more quality time with your family this NewYear's Eve.

You can stay in your pyjamas and watch a New Year's Eve countdown on telly while enjoying the remainder of the Christmas treats left in the house.


No need to worry about getting a new outfit or figuring out what to do with your hair and makeup.


Take it as an opportunity for some 'me-time'

Who says you have to be social for New Year's Eve? Start 2020 as you mean to go on by having a self-care night.

Take the evening as an opportunity to have some 'me-time' and prepare yourself for the new year.

You could take a bath, do a face mask, get your favourite snacks and watch a movie or tv series, do some meditation whatever makes you feel relaxed and recharged.


Video call friends or family

If you have any friends or family that live far away who also aren't going out for New Year's Eve you could video call them and ring in the new year together.

This is a great way to catch up and spend some quality time with friends or family you don't get to see that often because of the distance.



How are you spending New Year's Eve this year? 

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