Amy Huberman and BOD are Having a Whale of a Time in NYC

Oh, to skip off to New York City, to the sun and without the kids *drooooools*. Until that's possible, join me in living vicariously through the Instagram of Amy Huberman who is presumably celebrating her 5th wedding anniversary to Brian O'Driscoll in the city that never sleeps.

First they headed off to see U2 - and Bono clearly in full Bono mode - in Madison Square Garden on Friday.

Then they enjoyed a ride on the westside, with Amy captioning the below: "Keep calm. Pretend you're not being followed by this cycle-path."

Brian posted this accompanying video...


And then the pièce de résistance, the highlight of anyone's holliers - going on the piss with Chris O'Dowd and his lovely missus Dawn.

Needless to say, this one came with the line "Last night. And why today there isn't a single carbohydrate or inch of melted cheese safe in NYC."

Ever had the privilege of visiting New York? Where's the best place you've ever eaten?

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