Amy Huberman Posts A Typically Amazing Airport Selfie

Oh, Hoobs... We politely asked her not to change, and she's obliged. Despite being a mum of two, an actress, author, screenwriter and so on, she STILL finds time to post selfies like the below even if it means pegging it for a flight.

Presumably this lovely hat and wig ensemble if available from a shop in Dublin airport. Because who wouldn't want this as a souvenir.

Speaking of working on a screenplay for a movie based on her second novel, Amy said via The Independent: "It's called Bolt and it's based on the second book - even though it's quite different... I love it and it's a great experience. It's a female-led romantic comedy and it's about a woman who has commitment issues. It's a different format to my background which is writing books and even though I read hundreds of scripts for auditions, it was different putting all of that into words, literally, myself."


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