Amy Huberman Just Had a Revelation. Wine Was Needed!

Amy Huberman has it all, right? Well if her latest Instagram is anything to go by, she's also in possession of a 'vintage' jacket and quite the impressive bust...

She captioned the below: "When you realise you're more vintage than your vintage jacket. And you're being photo-bombed by a better bust..."

To be fair, we'd down a glass of vino for less.... on the upside, you still have a very pretty ring, Amy. AND you're on a date with a man with a FINE pair of hands... Oh and your company made around €100,000 profit over the last year. Reasons to be cheerful, part III.


Not to veer wildly off topic, but Amy's eyeshadow is fiercely covetable and suitably bang on trend. Which is unsurprising.

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