BBC cut Fassbender's BAFTA Kiss Cam effort with Vikander

Last night, for those watching the awards on the BBC, you would've seen the likes of Dame Maggie Smith almost losing her life as Leonardo DiCaprio went in for the lunge during BAFTA's new Kiss Cam segment.

Introducing the bit, host Fry said: "Talking of America, one of the wonderful things that great nation has given the world, along with the giant foam finger, leaf blowers, creationism, syrup on bacon, and the kiss cam... It's Valentine's Day and it's up to you out there. So which two lovebirds will our Valentine heart embrace? Ladies and gentlemen, may we introduce you to the "BAFTA Kiss Cam?"

First up was Stanley Tucci and Cuba Gooding Jr. Next there was Smith and DiCaprio, followed by a very amorous Bryan Cranston and Julianne Moore. Then Rebel Wilson stole the show - again.

But a real life couple that didn't make the cut from the BBC broadcast (indeed it's not totally live) was Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander. Seemingly, when the Kiss Cam landed on them, they weren't playing ball. They just sat there, grinning.


According to "The resulting moment was so awkward the producers decided to cut it from the live show. Poor show Michael, particularly on the most romantic night of the year."

Hey, maybe Alicia put a strict "no PDA" rule on the evening, who knows! Either way, they stuck to their guns, and didn't bow to pressure, so hat doffed to the pair of them.

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