Diet Diaries: Diet tips

I´ve been reading a LOT of magazines this week. More than normal like. Every single one of them is bursting with diet "tips". Like:

  • Fruit is low in fat
  • Fruit is the ideal snack
  • Fruit is low in calories
  • Fruit is high in fibre
  • Chocolate is fattening
  • Booze is fattening
  • Water is a great diet aid

And on and on ad infinitum. Jaysus, what revelations wha? Why oh why do magazines insist on churning out these "tips". There´s nothing new or original in them. Seasoned dieters could write these articles in their sleep. So that's why I thought - why yes, we could - so lets hear your tips. Share your knowledge and experience - what have you found that works well. Have you got a great recipe thats saved you from diet disaster? You can even include some fruit ones if you like!

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