Diet Diaries: the flip flop diet

Thai-Flip-Flop.jpgWe've talked about all sorts of diets here at But yesterday when Diet Diaries resumed service some more unusual one were reported. One of these was the tummy bug/ winter vomiting virus diet. Another was the break up diet. Both diets are horrible and miserable, completely unplanned and forced upon one. You will be in the seventh circle of hell during the entire duration of the "diet". So neither are recommended.

The third was the Flip Flop Diet.

Meme told us that when her friend was on holiday she put on weight. As you do, with the booze, the food and the lazing around. She didn't want to return home with this extra layer upon her frame however. So she took the drastic measure of LICKING THE SOLE OF HER FLIP FLOP. She became so ill she was hospitalised.

Salad for a month? Or flip flop licking for quick results? Salad for me - every time!


What about you? Tell us what works!

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