Diet Diaries: The Hot Dog Diet


The Hot Dog Diet is another fantastically heathy and nutritionally sound weight loss method, all the way from the good ol US of A.

There's lots of variations of this diet - but this is the one that appeared (and was not recommended needless to say) on Dr Phil.

Day 1: 9 bananas
Day 2: 9 eggs
Day 3: 9 hotdogs


You can drink all the water you want though. And black tea and coffee. Yahoo! But you can't eat ANYTHING else at all.
This is a fad diet with a capital F. Anyone who's ever done the Cabbage Soup, or other fad diets like this one, knows that they're unsustainable and so unhealthy. You will be like a lighting hoor the whole time you're on the diet. Dizzy, weak, irritable... and starving. Oh you'll lose weight alright, because you can't eat carbs and the calories per day are only about 600, but it will all be water and will go straight back on.

And of course yo yo dieting fecks with your metabolism really badly.

But I bet most of us have done mad diets like this at some stage. Go on admit it! Have you?

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