The Best Way To Shave Pubic Hair Without Getting Irritation

Let's be honest, shaving pubic hair can be stressful and sometimes painful if done wrong. So here is how to shave pubic hair without getting irritation.


Trim with nail scissors.

It's important to make sure the hair is short enough for your razor to easily shave and not get clogged with long hairs.

So if the hair is a bit long, get a small nail scissors and very carefully trim it.

I'd recommend buying a second nail scissors to use exclusively for trimming pubic hair as it's more hygienic.


Wait until the end of your shower to shave.

Waiting until the end of your shower to shave means that your pores will be open and the hair follicles will have had a chance to soften, meaning it will be easier to shave and you'll be less likely to get irritation.

Never shave your pubic hair as soon as you get into the shower as this increases the chance of irritation because the hairs haven't had a chance to soften.


Use a separate razor.

Just like you should use separate nail scissors, you should also use a separate razor for shaving pubic hair, it's just more hygienic.

Also, when it comes to razors, men's razors are generally better to use as they are designed for the face which is a sensitive area so you're less likely to cut yourself.



Get some olive oil

The vagina is a very sensitive area, so when it comes to what you're going to shave it with, I've discovered olive oil to be the best option by far.

Irish Youtuber Jessie B introduced me to this life-changing trick with a video she made back in 2018 called "Shaving Down There".

Get a small amount of olive oil in your hands and basically coat the area of pubic hair you want to shave in it.

As olive oil has moisturising qualities, it can beneficial to the skin and will help you get a nice clean and smooth result.

It's important to note that using olive oil in this area can increase the risk of yeast infections, according to an article written by Allure on Jessie's video, so be careful not to use too much.


Rinse with cold water.

Once you've shaved your pubic hair, rinse the area with cold water to close the pores and clean the area.

Leaving the pores open can cause irritation so this is another important step.


Pat dry and wear cotton underwear for a few hours afterwards.

Once you're out of the shower pat the area dry with a towel and put on some cotton underwear.


You've just been poking around your bikini area with a razor so wearing cotton underwear will give it a chance to breathe and recover. It will also decrease the chance of irritation.


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