Break-up etiquette: is it ok to sell off your ex's stuff?

So, it has come to our attention that Prince's ex-wife is selling off her engagement ring and loads of other stuff from their wedding. We take this to mean that she is emphatically o-v-e-r their relationship.

Mayte Garcia, who was married to The Purple One from 1996 - 2000, is auctioning off all of the above online via Nate D. Sanders Auctions in Los Angeles this Thursday, March 17th. Happy St. Patrick's Day to whoever nabs that scarf, eh?

While Prince has probably enough china to fill China he has forgotten about this loot already, we've been thinking about how this would go down in 'real life'. Should one sell off an engagement ring that they've been given? Or should they give it back? Or should they keep it and use it another time? It's a tricky one.

As for the wedding memorabilia, here's what's on offer:

Their wedding china - emblazoned with Prince's iconic symbol - is pretty cool, although it will set you back $5,000 a set.


The engagement ring, accompanied by a handwritten marriage proposal that he gave to Garcia, has an opening bid of $100,000.


There are also items of clothing, handwritten lyrics and tableware from their wedding, as well as items of jewellery including a necklace that he wore "when he met Prince Charles".

His former manager Owen Husney and guitarist Dez Dickerson are also throwing some of Prince's personal items into the mix, including a rare demo tape recorded in 1976/1977, mastering tapes and even a guitar that he used to record.

If you're on a budget, you can always bid for a scarf that he once wore - which starts at $1,000.

What do you think? Forget about throwing your ex's belongings out the window in black bin bags (or not), is it ok to sell someone else's stuff?


All images via Nate D. Sanders Auctions

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