Brilliant Browses: What's Been Clicking on This Week

We've been pretty busy at work this week (ugh, back after Christmas is hard, isn't it?), but we did find a little time to check out the following sites - have a gander and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

    1. We launched Dating this week! Have you checked it out yet?
    2. Margaret from Cork's Kenya/VHI experience is one we've all gritted our teeth to a time or 50. But what if it wasn't "Oh my God" and there was some oogy-boogy and dodgy scuttery stuff involved?  I dare you not to belly laugh at this one
    3. I will blame Rosemary MacCabe over at the Irish Times Fash Mob blog if I wind up on the streets after not being able to resist Mulberry's new IT bag, the Tilly. It's so pretty!
    4. Who doesn't love Jean Byrne, RTE Weather Mistress? Check this YouTube vid out where Jean talks about her fashion inspiration over a little Tom Jones
    5. abounds with foodie gals who maintain their own blogs. Glamazon's Gluttony For Beginners is a bit of a winner
    6. And Babaduck's Babaduck Babbles will have you drooling too
    7. Jill's got a great take on a food blog with her baby-led weaning site, Proper Fud
    8. Gee Gee flies the flag for West of Ireland foodies with her Uplifting Food
    9. Cook With Tina is the latest offering from the gal who previously brought you Run With Tina
    10. Like Mam Used to Bake is another blog packed full of mouth-watering sweet treats
    11. Lastly, check out Mammy's Kitchen for more food-spiration

    Did we miss you? Apologies if so - and please leave us a link to your food blog in the comments. While we can't actually EAT anything at the moment what with the post-Christmas bloat, we'll live by proxy and enjoy all the recipes and pix.

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