By the hair on my chinny chin chin: Possibly my most morto beauty moment EVER

We were out to dinner when it happened, and he moved so lightning fast that I didn't have time to react.

After the waiter had taken our orders and departed the table, Himself – quite sure he was being helpful – reached across to brush a stray strand of make-up brush hair from my face. My brushes sometimes shed a little bit and he's used to dealing with any strays I might have missed without passing comment, so this little scene shouldn't have been out of the ordinary in the slightest and I shouldn't have been frozen, stuck to my seat with mortification.

However, I knew that what he was trying to brush off on this occasion wasn't a stray make-up brush fibre.

I knew that it was a rogue – and very much attached – chin hair.

I had meant to deal with earlier in the day but couldn't find my tweezers, and my back-up pair have about as much grip as a Vaseline-coated banana since I started using them for nail art, and I suppose then I got distracted and forgot what I was looking for and the hair stayed right where it was.


After the very mildest of confused looks briefly flitted across his face, Himself sat back in his chair and I brightly started up a conversation, as though I assumed he'd dealt with the errant make-up brush stray, and there was no more said about it. I spent the rest of the night with my chin at a slightly odd, tilted angle that I hoped minimised the appearance of the offending tuft and with my hands in various hopefully-not-too-obvious camouflage poses.

When we got home, I surreptitiously dug out a small jewellery pliers and used it to pluck the hair. (I'd like to be able to tell you that I made that up and included the sentence purely for comedy value, but I'm not joking.)

What's been the most embarrassing faux pas, beauty or otherwise, that you've been caught out with?

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