Horney I'm home! I hate you predictive text. Rate your worst

Ah look.  Enough is enough.

Yesterday I texted my brother in law who was lying in A&E in agony with his ankle smashed in seven places.

"Hi honey, how are you feeling today?  Hope things a bit better".  I quickly typed and pressed send.  And then I realised.


Predictive text or auto correct, or whatever bloody horrible thing lives in my phone, had changed honey to HORNEY.  Thank God I had not asked him how hard it was in A&E too.

The poor guy.  I'm sure the last thing he felt in his morphine induced haze on a trolley in the corridor of horrible A&E was horny.  And the last thing he would ever of expected was his SISTER IN LAW enquiring about it.

It's terrible this changing of letters around isn't it - it's happened to you too I'm sure - rate your worst in the comments!

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