Can you get what's the most tweeted about show of 2017 (so far)?

This won't come as a surprise to many, as it seems like everyone is talking about Netflix's series 13 Reasons Why - well at least they are on Twitter - with the show becoming the most tweeted about series of 2017.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the adaptation of Jay Asher’s novel has been tweeted about more than 11 million times. The most tweeted about characters have been (in order) Hannah (Katherine Langford), Clay (Dylan Minnette), Jeff (Brandon Larracuente), Alex (Miles Heizer), and Justin (Brandon Flynn).

While the stars of the show have seen their followers on Twitter increase up to a staggering 1795 percent, with Christian Navarro, who plays Tony jumping from 625 to 83,518 since the show’s release.


You'd assume this means a second season of the dark teen drama is inevitable, and while there was no novel follow-up to Asher's novel, the author has said he would love to see a "continuation of all those characters".

Until then, well, you always have twitter.

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