Grey's Anatomy's Kate Walsh has been sharing photos of her holibobs in Ireland

Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice and 13 Reasons Why star Kate Walsh is having a whale of a time on holidays in Ireland at the moment. 

The actress, who plays the mother of lead character Hannah Baker in the controversial Netflix series 13 Reasons Why, has Irish roots (the surname is a bit of a giveaway) with her Dad's family hailing from Navan in Co. Meath.

She shared a reunion picture from her trip to Navan on Instagram earlier today.

The #walshes & the #Blakes! #navan #family?#dad'shometown

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Walsh was thrilled to meet up with family members that she says she hasn't seen in twenty-four years.


The former Grey's Anatomy cast member didn't limit her trip to the Royal County though. Earlier posts on her Instagram feed indicate that she stayed in Mayo's Ashford Castle and the G Hotel in Galway.

#newPal ?#inismeaín...he allowed a little kiss ? in pic 2

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Walsh is expected to return for the second season of 13 Reasons Why after Netflix confirmed that the series has been renewed.

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