Celebs react to Lady Gaga's mic-dropping spectacular Super Bowl Halftime Show

All eyes were on Houston, Texas and the Super Bowl last night and while the Patriots may have stolen an historic win away from the Falcons, it was the halftime show that had everyone going Gaga.

A jaw-dropping spectacular from start to finish, Lady Gaga's halftime show included hits 'Edge of Glory', 'Bad Romance', 'Poker Face', 'Born This Way', 'Telephone' and 'Just Dance' and went down a storm with viewers, with many celebs coming out of the woodwork to congratulate the singer on the show.

Here's what Hillary Clinton, Ellen and some past Super Bowl performers themselves had to say about Gaga's performance.

But first, here's the performance in full:


And finally, one to make you cry because we all just miss Joe Biden so God damn much.


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