Lady Gaga has run in with traffic police two weeks after getting licence

The 30-year-old singer-actress had her first run-in with the police last weekend having passed her driving test in California last month.

The incident happened on Friday and Lady Gaga took to Twitter yesterday to clear up the incident.

Lady Gaga was driving her red Ford F-150 SVT Lightning pickup truck on the Pacific Coast Highway in California when she was spotted getting pulled over by a police officer.

Wanting to address what happened, she posted this on Twitter:


The tweet referred to the fact that in California, drivers don't receive license plates when they purchase new or used vehicles right away. Permanent plates are mailed out several weeks later and until then, drivers must carry temporary permits.

Interestingly, Gaga’s tweet does not address whether she was carrying such a permit, or whether she got charged or fined.

I think we’ve all had our fair share of messing up in first time driving experiences, so we’ll let her off with a warning.

Via Entertainment Weekly

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