Conor McGregor and Dee Devlin expecting first child

After his victory over Eddie Alvarez this weekend, Conor McGregor is now the first dual weight champion in UFC history. 

Defeating Alvarez, McGregor is now easily at the top of his game and took no time mentioning this fact in the post-match interview. As well as discussing his future plans and involvement in the sport, McGregor also shocked the world in an another way - he's going to be a father in either March or May (he wasn't sure on the date).

What a night! ❤️

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McGregor and his long-time girlfriend, Dee Devlin, will be celebrating their first child together and that McGregor is "crapping (his) jocks." McGregor went on, saying that he didn't "know what way to take it, it’s going to mess with my head to be bringing a child into this. I don’t even know, I don’t want no celebrity type shit. I hate all that, I don’t want my family to be like that."


The dual weight UFC Champion also announced that he's going to be taking some time away from the sport that he's so effectively dominated and that he's looking for equity in the company itself. McGregor specifically called out Conan O'Brien - yes, that Conan O'Brien - and said that if he gets a share, McGregor should be able to get one as well.

"Where's my shares, where's my equity? I've both belts, a chunk of money and a family. I want ownership, equal share and what I've deserved. Bring me on board for real. I'm looking for an equity stake in the company."

Whether he gets it or not remains to be seen, but congratulations all the same to Conor and Dee on their first child!

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