Diet Diaries throws in the towel: the Plavsa diet miracle discovered at the back of the Sunday supplements

plavsa.gifWho would have thought it eh? A complete and utter solution to weight loss has been discovered! Perusing a copy of the Sunday World magazine a couple of weeks ago I noticed a very interesting full page advertisement.

A reknowned Swedish scientist Dr Snuffleupaguss (or something) has invented a pill based on marine biology, given it a scientific sounding name (putting an x or a v in the name always makes it more credible I think don't you?) and rustled up some enthusiastic testimonials. Which sounded very exciting indeed. Jessica Jones tells us that she:

  • Lost three stone in four weeks
  • Didn't eat less or change type of food eaten
  • Felt no hunger
  • Suffered no side effects
  • Looks years younger

Oh it sounded great. But why oh why was this miracle hidden away in the back of a newspaper. Surely this should be making front page headlines all over the world? To my horror the said Sunday supplement went out in the recycling bin that night - was the discovery lost to me forever? Oh no!


To my relief I was very pleased to discover that Michael Nugent at That's Ireland had spotted the whole miracle of Plavsa before me - read what he thought of it.

Oh well. Another day, another diet pill...

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