Diet drinks make you fat: FACT (may not be a fact)


You know all those zero calorie fizzy drinks you've been guzzling for years?  All the gallons of Diet Coke and 7UP free that have been slurped down in a guilt free fashion because they contain no calories?  Well a new study suggests they might actually be contributing to making us porky.

Papers presented to the American Diabetic Association detailed research following 470 people over 60 for ten years, and found that those who drank diet drinks managed to grow their waist sizes  70% greater  than those who abstained from them.  And if they drank more than 2 diet drinks per day they were even tubbier.

This is another of those yeah but no but yeah but studies.  They didn't present any findings on the other things that people were eating - perhaps the diet drink camp were washing down their super size takeaways and eating exclusively lard arse food?  And perhaps the non diet drinker were living a pure and natural life, subsisting on only air, green vegetables and water.  Lifestyle wasn't taken into consideration either.


However this study and previous studies on mice and rats,  are making it more and more obvious that artificial sweeteners are doing us no favours. They make a sweet tooth worse and instead of helping us to consume less calories they actually encourage us to consume more.

So what the hell are we to do?  Sugar is bad for us.  Artificial sweetners are bad for us.

Just drink water is their recommendation.

So what do you think of that?  Are you going to be able to give up your Diet Coke breaks - or do you love it light so much there is no way on Gods earth you will only drink boring water?

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