Made to measure: perfect proportions make looking gorgeous easier?


Now we all know that Liz Hurley is pretty handy with a strategically placed safety pin and no one works a pair of white jeans quite like she does.

But now it seems as though her sheer perfection might be down to no more than a happy incidence of measurements. A symmetrical face is widely acknowledged to be the most aesthetically pleasing - but to break through the barriers of the super gorgeous your eyes must be the correct distance apart, your nose must correspond to this distance etc. According to new research by boffins (how I love that word) at the university of Toronto anyway.

Liz Hurley is hailed as one of these super beings - but pretty face aside I think that her gorgeousness has more to do with her killer figure and sheer groomingtastic ambition than anything else.


Do you prefer kooky and wonky to perfect? And do you think that men can get away with big noses and crooked features and still be considered gorgeous more easily than women?

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