Wednesday Is Wineday: Boffins Pinpoint Exact Moment Wine Needed To Get Us Through The Week

Dr. Alban lives in a cupboard in my kitchen. I haven’t actually seen him but I know he is in there because when I open it I hear a blast of Sing Hallelujah! Sing it, sing Hallelujaaaaah.

I’m not sure why this two hit wonder of dubious 90s dance music has chosen to live among the copious wine bottles that inhabit this 2013 version of a drinks cabinet. It might be because he remains undisturbed during the week. I rarely have a glass of anything alcoholic on a school night. If I am out for dinner then sure, I’ll share a bottle with friends but usually I’ll try to be good on a week day.


This seems to put me at odds with the majority of wine drinkers. According to a recent study by Cobevco (who are contract bottlers, hence their interest), wine o’clock is on a Wednesday at 6.55pm. Now that’s precision for you. Their research claims that this is the moment when we are most likely to crack open a bottle of wine and shake our collective fist at the working week.

Three days in to early starts, office politics, sitting in traffic on the M50 or its equivalent and our willpower has eroded a little. We opt to pop the cork with 37% reaching for a warming red, 36% opting for a chilled white, 20% mixing it up with a rosé, 6% getting their bubble on with their choice of sparkling and the remaining 1% going for a low alcohol option.


In what is maybe a reflection on people’s pockets, 76% of people choose to enjoy their tipple at home, with only 8% going to the pub (I suspect that the other and unaccounted for 16% may have been going to the local park and Cornelius on Joe Duffy will tell us all about it tomorrow neow oi loike a derrink loike de nexth fellah buh dey wuhr taykin ih dew faaahr, Joe).


white wine


The study concludes that as the working week gets longer and our stress levels increase, us worker bees view this as a midweek treat and a bit of an escape from the daily pressures. The report also revealed that the majority of men would prefer to kick back in solitude to recharge while most women preferred to unwind with their husband or partner over a merlot or pinot grigio.


Do you think that these stats are surprising? Are you looking forward to snuggling up in your pjs (or gasp, onesie) with a few glasses over dinner mid week or will you put the corkscrew away until the weekend?

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