Easy Ways To Have A More Plant-Based Diet

Plant-based diets have risen in popularity in the last few years with more and more options available in the shops than ever before.

If you like the idea of going plant-based but don't want to commit to it full-time, here are some easy ways to change up your diet.

1. Switch up your milk

A very simple way to go more plant-based with your diet is to switch to non-dairy milk.

There's been a lot of research done which says that drinking dairy in adulthood has little to no benefit.

Many people actually feel better once they reduce the amount of dairy they consume.

There are lots of non-dairy alternatives available in supermarkets and cafés now.

Oat or rice milk is my personal favourite as they don't have an overpowering taste like almond or soy milk does and they taste great in coffee too.

2. Meat-free Mondays

Another easy way to have a more plant-based diet is to start doing 'meat-free Mondays'.

This is where you don't consume any meat for the whole day and opt for a vegetarian diet.

This can be a great way to slowly transition to a vegetarian diet as you can gradually increase the days of the week you don't eat meat.


Why not follow the meat-free Monday Instagram account for some meal inspiration.

3. Go to vegan and vegetarian-friendly cafés and restaurants

Lots of food establishments have some vegetarian and vegan options available now, so next time you're out for food why not try them out.

You never know you may end up preferring the vegan food options.

If you're in Dublin, Cornucopia on Wicklow Street is always a great option.

4. Get Inspired

It's difficult to have the motivation to try more plant-based meals if nobody you know or follow on social media is doing the same.

Get yourself inspired by following some vegetarian, plant-based or vegan accounts on Instagram.

I would recommend following Irish people as they will give you the best restaurant & café recommendations plus you know that any ingredients they use in their recipes will be readily available to you.

Laura Young is a great person to follow on Instagram as she shows that being vegan or having a more plant-based diet doesn't have to be difficult.

She's always sharing her favourite spots to get delicious food, reviewing vegan food alternatives and showing her simple but yummy meals.


So there you have it, having a more plant-based diet isn't as difficult as you might think.

What are some of your favourite vegetarian/vegan or plant-based meals?

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