Eating Strawberries With a Straw? Six Fruits We're Eating All Wrong And the Super Fruit We Should All Be Munching On

Kiwi? Wrong. Orange? Wrong. Watermelon? Definitely're just doing it all wrong.

Us humans are a funny bunch. We can put a man on the moon, we can create incredibly touching works of art,  and we can contemplate our own existence in a deep, philosophical manner, but the majority of us can't sit down to eat an orange without covering anyone within a five-yard radius with a spritz of sticky citrus spray.

Well, after watching this video, your nearest and dearest will have no need to fear you any longer as you settle down to tuck in to an orange, or a kiwi, or a pomegranate for that matter, as the folks at BuzzFeed have improved our lives by providing us with a few tips on how to eat these six fruits properly. Even strawberries. EVEN STRAWBERRIES, PEOPLE!

Now that we've talked about how to eat, let's talk about why to eat these fruits.

And out of that juicy selection, let's focus on those tasty pomegranates as they are one of the current darlings of the food world and are getting a lot of good press lately. So let's take a look at why these juicy little fellows are nothing but good for you (and don't forget, if you want all of the goodness, eat the actual fruit as well, complete with the jewel-like seeds, rather than just the pomegranate juice).

  • They are all heart

As per Mind Body Green, new studies suggest a very strong link between pomegranate consumption and optimum heart and artery health.

  • The young ones

Yep, this bright pinkish red fruit is packed full of antioxidants and a firm favourite of Chinese herbologists who promote its consumption as a longevity treatment.

  • Tummy troubles¬†

Pomegranate seeds or juice are said to act super effectively when suffering with diarrhea, nausea and vomiting.

  • Stimulate your immune system.

It's incredibly rich in Vitamin C, which is absolutely vital for improved immunity.


If all of that wasn't enough to get you eating this superfood, it also tastes amazing. Sprinkle pomegranate seeds in among your salad leaves for an added bit of flavour and crunch and you'll soon be wondering why you'd left it 'til now to jump on this bandwagon.

All hail the pomegranate!


Do you get your five fruit and veggies a day? How much fruit do you nibble on throughout the day? What are your favourites and what's in your most healthy smoothie? And is anyone else rushing out to buy a straw for their strawberries?

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