Elly experiences colonic excellence at Aria Heathcare

adrienne.gifRegular readers will know that from the beginning of 2007, Beaut.ie embarked on an investigation into the murky world of colonics. We wanted to find out what having a colonic hydrotherapy treatment was really like. Is it uncomfortable? Is it embarrassing? Do you really feel healthier afterwards? And the million dollar question - do you lose any weight?

We visited several clinics and therapists. Kirstie, Gio, Remington and now Elly have all had their treatments. Every single one of them had a positive report to give. They all said they'd go back for more. All reported feeling healthier and received great advice from their therapists on diet and healthy lifestyle.

And now it's the turn of Beaut.ie's blogger pal, Ellybabes. Here's her report. No holds barred. Seriously.

"If you're of a nervous disposition or have just eaten lunch, you may want to skip this post, but if not - read on...

"Hopefully you've all been following the girls over on Beaut.ie as they were sending themselves and those closest to them for colonic hydrotherapy and reporting back on this mysterious procedure. I happened to mention to them that I had been thinking about going for a colonic or three and they kindly offered me a session that had been donated to them.

"I was assigned to go to Aria Healthcare in Swords and was hooked up with Adrienne Manassero, the Clinic Director there. The first appointment for any colonic should include a solid health and diet check, and that's exactly what she did. She was reasonably pleased with my diet. I've been trying to cut out as much processed food as possible over the past year, but she encouraged me to drink more water and increase the amount of fruit I eat. The consultation done, I headed into the changing room to get into my robe.

"The rest of the posts in this series have really dealt with some of the stigmas surrounding colonics, but have left out the gory detail. If you
want to know 'exactly' what went on, then keep reading: but be warned, graphic descriptions are included!"

Okay, deep breath everyone - let's find out what Elly has to say!


"The part of the colonic that most people are worried about is the (disposable) pipe being inserted. The pipe is lubricated so goes in really easily on a deep out breath, and to let you know exactly what this feels like, think of having a great big dump and the turd stopping half-way out. It's a strange sensation, but not bad in any way. You naturally feel like you want to push the tube out, but just have to relax and stop yourself from doing this.

"The colonic itself usually lasts between 30 - 40 minutes, you start on your side and then move onto your back to allow the therapist to massage your stomach. Any discomfort that you feel is usually due to trapped wind, which a competent therapist can move around and expel. There really is no pain, if I had to describe the discomfort I would relate it to mild period pains and it soon passes as the trapped wind moves around. Adrienne likened it to 'early labour pains' at the worst, but since I haven't experienced labour I'll have to take her word on that one!

"The whole procedure is performed very cleanly and discreetly, and most therapists will have an en-suite shower if you feel you need one afterwards (I didn't). A course of three is recommended, and I opted for that. Dependant on the person, you may feel a huge difference after the first treatment, which I didn't. The first few days after session one were strange, I would go from having tons of energy one minute to feeling like curling into a ball and sleeping the next. These cycles lasted for about three days for me and then I was back to normal.

"The effects after the course of three was finished were much more noticeable, although I didn't lose any weight immediately, I felt thinner and lighter (people often lose a few inches due to all the expelled wind) and had lots more energy, and now several weeks later, this has lasted.
Colonics can also speed up your metabolism, so combining them with a healthy diet can certainly have a positive effect on your weight. The optimal way to complete the course is to have each colonic one week apart, and ideally if you can time the first one for the first day of your period, it provides much better detoxing effect (plus all that stomach massage really helps with cramps!).

bride_mirror.gif"All in all, it was certainly a worthwhile procedure, and I would recommend it to everyone. Make sure to find yourself a reputable therapist and check out their qualifications in advance (Adrienne's qualifications include Diplomas in Holistic Massage Therapy, Yoga Teaching, Colon Hydrotherapy and Aurasoma Colour Therapy), and ask any questions if you're not sure of anything.

"Was it worth it? Well, I'm going back again in a few months! I'm getting married in June and will be having two colonics, the first one week before and then the day before my wedding - Adrienne assures me that this will mean that my tummy is a flat as possible for the wedding - and that can only work to my advantage for the photographs!


"Finally, remember - a healthy colon means a flatter tummy, better skin and fast detox!"

Thank you Elly and of course thanks so much Adrienne! If you would like to experience this treatment yourself you can contact the wonderful Adrienne at Aria Healthcare on 01 8957947 or visit her website for more information www.aria-health.com

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