Flushing out the colonic truth: Gio achieves Absolute Balance #1

"To be honest, I was kinda taken aback when Aphrodite selected me as a ‘guinea pig’ for a colonic treatment! It was one of those days, I was browsing on Beaut.ie and I stumbled upon a post on colonic treatments. The gist of the chat, as I remember, was that people were asking if anyone had had one done before, who would be adventurous and go for one. On the spur of the moment I typed in ‘I would!’ and quick as a flash, Aphrodite typed back ‘Sold to Gio!!’ Uh-oh! What did I get myself in for?!

"I was nervous on the way to the appointment but all of my fears were immediately allayed when I walked into the Absolute Balance Clinic, a real oasis of calm and serenity. The session started with a chat, whereby my therapist Nigel explained all about colonic hydro therapy; how you can benefit from it, why it’s needed, the procedure involved etc."

"Nigel also explained about his own background and credentials. He has studied both Ayurvedic Medicine and Hydro Therapy in Asia, where he lived for seven years. Both he and the Absolute Balance Clinic have a very holistic approach to treating the body, its illnesses and diseases - like stress, depession, arthritis etc. naturally and holistically. I felt so reassured and relaxed and open-minded about what was ahead! That sense of reassurance really was all down to Nigel, a very open, easy-going and knowledgeable man.

"The consultation before the treatment starts is extremely thorough and I appreciated the fact that it was face to face and that I was not left on my own in a room to fill in a standardised form. Every aspect of my life (physical and emotional etc) was discussed; from my job, diet, exercise, emotional well-being, medication, water intake, alcohol consumption, energy levels, moods etc. One of the questions which I should have known the answer to and didn’t was my blood group type. Amazingly, Nigel was able to tell, from his study of Ayurvedic medicine – by the shape of my face, my eyes and hair, what my blood group was likely to be. When I double checked afterwards, he was right!


"He asked me why I had opted for a colonic treatment, and much and all as it was down to Beaut.ie, it was something that I had been considering, but knowing my lazy arsed self, I would never have gotten around to doing. So in truth, I was there because the opportunity had been presented by Beaut.ie and also because I wanted not just a detox, but a real sense of cleansing and balance within my body.

"Nigel explained that colonic hydro therapy works not only in cleansing the internal organs (liver, digestive tract, stomach, colon etc), but also helps to rejuvenate your general sense of well being. Apparently when you are stressed or if you’re not dealing with your emotions very well, they can become stored up in your abdominal area. I’ve recently been through quite a stressful period (I lost my mother six months ago) and in dealing with my grief, even though I am lucky in that I have a fantastic partner and have a shoulder to cry on, I have had a lot of IBS and stomach cramps in recent months. Even though I thought I had been quite good at dealing with the trauma and letting things out, realistically, you can’t roar your head off crying every day! It is only natural that some things remain internalised and along with sleepless nights and everything else that is part and parcel of going through an emotional roller coaster, it made sense that a good old spring clean could only do the world of good!"

Check out the Absolute Balance colonic irrigation page for a full explanation of this detailed health consultation, which is worth €60 and is carried out free of charge with the colonic treatment.

I'll be posting up the rest of Gio's amazing time at the Absolute Balance Clinic over the next couple of days. But I don't think I'm giving anything away by telling you right now that it was an incredibly positive and rewarding experience for her. Get yourself over to the Absolute Balance website now to read more about this and their other life changing treatments. Their motto is: "One ounce of prevention is better then a ton of cures". Says a lot that, doesn't it?

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