Five Minute Fitness: A Workout You Can Do Anywhere

Our stylish brethren over at The Man Cave have been hard at work in the gym to come up with a quick, handy workout that we can do at home or in the gym even when we're tight for time. 

Whether you're in the gym every day or you find yourself struggling to make it once a week, a lot of us face the same problem: time. We need to maximise the small window that we have while still getting the most out of our workout. For that reason, circuit training is the perfect compromise; it pushes you to your limits but you can also get in and out of the gym in under half an hour, so you don't have any excuses!

This week over on The Man Cave Instagram account, our bros have been putting up two different exercises every day with thanks to Anthony Lynch and the guys at Raw Gyms Dublin.

They put together this testing circuit that comprises eight different moves that flow easily from one to the next. Perform each one for 30 seconds, making sure you keep a record of how many reps you get through, except for the planks where you should aim to hold the move for 30 seconds. Try and stick to that number of reps on each round of the circuit, and use it as a target to keep pushing yourself each time. As Anthony points out, you can do as many rounds as you think you're able to.


If you're unsure of the form for each exercise, make sure to look at the videos on Instagram, and always ask the trainer at your gym for help, they'll be more than happy to give you a hand. If you think you're up to the challenge, you can take a look as Anthony runs through all the exercises from start to finish above, showing you how to transition from one to the next, aiming to take no breaks in between. 

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