Friend mean with money, never even gave me a wedding present.

Carol grinds your gears.  I can hear your annoyance in every sentence you've written and the fact of the matter is you haven't liked her since well before your wedding.

You only asked her to the wedding out of a sense of misguided loyalty - to Anne and possibly the friendship you once had, but you've regretted it ever since.

Let it go.  Take a deep breath and move on.  You're winding yourself up by keeping hold of these grudges and that's not good for you.  The fact that you can detail a whole list of Carols monetary "wrongs" going back over ten years is not doing you any favours.  So what if she defaulted on the speeches bet at the wedding - that's her problem, not yours.  All of the things she does are her problem.  What is under your control is the way you respond.

A word of advice.  You're more than a little judgmental: wedding lists are "tacky", people commit "faux pas".  Don't waste your time making up rules of conduct for others.  Get on with your own life and live it the best you can.  Be kind to people.


However it's probably too late to rectify your relationship with Carol and it doesn't sound like you want to anyway.  Don't ring her, you're not friends any more.  If you do bump into her, just be friendly for Anne's sake.  Anne is the important one now.

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