He stood over me with his lad in his hand: Keira Knightley needed shots of vodka for sex scene with Fassbender


"It was horrible" she shuddered.  "Such a dark scene.  We both downed shots of vodka before it and during.  And afterwards we had to have some champagne"


Sounds like... a date to me.  Drinks before and during and then a post coital champagne celebration.  Yes it must have been truly horrible.  In the way that Indecent Proposal was made ridiculously unhorrible by the fact that the millionaire letch just happened to be Robert Redford and thus 100 million times more handsome than Woody Harrelson.


Knightley is starring with Fassbender in A Dangerous Method - a lighthearted romp (not) through pervy Freudian methods and history. The scene in question is one in which Keira asks to be punished - and Fassbender obliges by spanking the arse off her.

Oh the things actresses have to do for their craft! Poor Knightley - how horrid!

It must be terrible to be an actress and have to kiss the most handsome men in the world and - gasp - get jiggy with them. Who would YOU hate to pretend to sleep with too?

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