Here's Why I Can't Sleep Without An Eye mask

If you're having trouble getting a good nights sleep then an eye mask may just be the perfect solution and here's why...


So what are sleep masks?

A sleep mask is essentially a blindfold you wear when sleeping to block out the light.

They can be made of silk, velvet, cotton, faux fur and fleece. It's really important that you find a fabric type that's most comfortable for you.

Silk is probably the most popular fabric for sleep masks.

This is because silk is very soft, comfortable on the eye area and doesn't absorb moisture easily so it's good for your skin too.



Why I can't sleep without one...

So while I was in college I lived in student accommodation in the city centre.  The streetlights were pretty bright and the curtains didn't do much to block out the light.

Most of my classes in college were in the afternoon or evening so I typically tried to sleep in later.


After a year of waking up far too early because of the light, I finally caved and bought a cheap eye mask in Penneys and it made such a difference!

I went from getting about five hours of sleep to seven and the quality of my sleep was also better.


I've been sleeping with an eye mask for about three years now and I find that unless I'm exhausted I can't sleep properly without one.

Initially, I used a cotton sleep mask but after a few months of use, it got very worn and dirty.

Now I use a silk eye mask and it's incredible, super soft on the skin and very easy to clean.



Why you should try sleeping with an eye mask

  1. They're cheaper than getting blackout curtains or blinds in your bedroom.
  2. You can bring it anywhere so you're always guaranteed a good sleep.
  3. It will help you get to sleep quicker.
  4. Your quality of sleep will improve.
  5. It may help you sleep for longer.
  6. A good alternative to medication.



Would you ever use a sleep mask?

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