Here's Who's Assisting at Judges House this Weekend on X Factor

Last weekend, the final contestants were chosen to go to Judges Houses' on X Factor in that Hunger Games-like six chair challenge they've started doing the last few years. Honestly, the lads in the Colosseum had an easier time of it.

Now it's time for the final six in each category to go to their respective Judges' house, or some gaff they pretend is theirs anyways. As usual, they won't be whittling down their final three for live shows on their own, and will be joined by a celeb pal of their choice.

One Directioners will be delighted to hear that Louis Tomlinson will be joining Simon Cowell in the South of France with the Overs category. Probably best he has the older lot, some of the young ones may have just passed out with the excitement of an honest-to-God One Direction member in front of them.

Joining Cheryl Fernandez-Versini will be Jess Glynne as the pair jet off to Rome to decide her final three of the Groups.


Nick Grimshaw is closer to home in the Cotswolds where producer Mark Ronson will help him decide who will get through to live shows amongst the Boys.

And finally, Rita Ora went all the way to LA to team up with popstar Meghan Trainor to decide who will make it through from the Girls.

There's a twist this year however as the contestants didn't find out in Judges' House who made it through. In fact, they still don't know, and will find out on Sunday night in a live show from Wembley.


X Factor was actually planning on airing Judges Houses live too, but thankfully some bright spark realised that would be a logistic nightmare. Although it would have made for some pretty excellent car crash TV in fairness.

The X Factor is on TV3 this Saturday at 8pm and Sunday at 7.30pm - will you be watching?

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