I hate you so much right now: hormones making life living HELL

woman in agony

This morning I woke up with clawing, grabbing, cramps ripping through me.

My head was splitting - a banging headache sprang into action to add to the joy.

I had to crawl - crawl! - to the kitchen to stuff down two Nurofen Plus and lie on the blessedly cool tiles until the tablets started to kick in and everything began to calm down.

"Later," I croaked to the cats, pushing them away, as confused they kept trying to lie on me.  "I'll feed you in a minute."


I emitted a lonely wail in a tone that Chewbacca would have been proud of.

Minutes passed.  I began to recover and heading for the shower I reached for my toothbrush and caught sight of myself in the bathroom mirror.

A huge volcanic spot glared back at me like something from a Stephen King novel.

Hormones I bloody hate you.

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