Janice Dickenson reveals she is battling cancer

In an exclusive interview with the Daily Mail online, the 'world's first supermodel', Janice Dickenson has revealed she will soon begin treatment for breast cancer after only being diagnosed two weeks ago.

A pea-sized lump was discovered only after Janice visited her doctor for another medical issue, and thankfully, her cancer is ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS or 'stage zero' cancer), and her chances of survival are good.

Janice hopes to turn her experience into something helpful and useful to other women and TV show The Doctors will be following her as she goes through her treatment.

She advised women to, "have regular breast examinations please. Girls past 30 it's very important...I'm here for women all over the world, women are to be cherished, mothers, daughters, sisters, you must remind yourself.'


In true Janice Dickeson fashion, she says: "Don't feel sorry for me, this is not a pity party, I'm Janice Dickinson and I'm gonna stick around for a long, long time, you ain't getting rid of me yet.'

Via Daily Mail Online

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