Taylor Gives Cancer Sufferer Best Christmas Surprise

One can (hopefully) only begin to imagine the nightmare bubble a parent is in while looking after their hospice bound child. It must be immeasurably harder this time of year. Therefore, to be able to tell your 13-year-old daughter that she has a visitor, and then unleash Taylor Swift on her must've given a rare reprieve to Delaney Clement's mum.

As her Insta bio, Delaney has: "Taylor Swift is my idol because we both have something in common ~ Living our Wildest Dreams and Shaking It Off in Style•| #DelaneyMeetTaylor" And now it's happened.

On Saturday, Taylor Swift popped by to the 13-year-old's room. She posted the below: "I was just laying down taking a nap in my room when my mom said I had a visitor. And I thought it might just be another person coming to see how I was. Then suddenly the most amazing miracle happens... The Taylor Swift walked into my bedroom and spent the afternoon with me just talking and hanging!!!! I am beyond Blessed for everyone's help and support!!! Thank you!!!Happy holidays!! @taylorswift #Delaneymeettaylor @bryyleiigh"

According to People Magazine, she added: ""Literally speechless right now!!!!! My new best friend (as I call her now) made a special stop from going home to Tennessee and surprised me and gave me the best present/ hugg ever!! Thank you !! I love you!! Happy holidays!!"


Taylor posted a montage of shots to her own Instagram, entitled: "Merry Christmas Baby @delaneyy.bugg"

Say what you will about Taylor Swift, she has made a very ill young girl's dream come true.

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