Katie Hopkins is on the Late Late tonight and Ryan Tubridy says he ''didn't personally want'' her

As the complaints surge in for Katie Hopkins' appearance on tonight's Late Late Show, Ryan Tubridy has finally voiced his own opinions on the controversial guest.

Speaking at the launch of the Late Late's charity CD, As Seen On The Late Late Show, Tubridy said that he "didn't personally want her on."

"It was a team decision. Katie Hopkins does the job, she comes on and expresses an opinion that is contrary and difficult, but it starts a conversation." Tubridy went on, explaining that it's "been a very controversial week on the globe, with a very controversial result in America, and we’re going to reflect that with a very controversial guest."


Already, over 600 complaints have been filed with RTE regarding Katie Hopkins' appearance on the show, with many believing that Hopkins' beliefs and views are akin to hate speech, and that by having her on the largest television talk show in Ireland is normalising and legitimising it. Moreover, many believe that Tubridy will not grill or challenge her sufficiently.

The Late Late Show goes out tonight from 9.35PM on RTE 1.

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