Lea Michele fangirled over Beyonce at basketball game

Being the lead in Glee for what seems like an eternity, you'd think Lea Michele has had to deal with her own fair share of fangirling from crazed enthusiasts. Therefore you would assume she wouldn't (internally or otherwise) do the same thing when met with her idols, Jay Z and Beyonce.

Here she is, discussing a picture she posted to twitter of herself and her friends (one of which appears to be Amy Adams...?) attending an LA Clippers basketball game, which didn't turn out to be a basketball game at all. For Lea, it turned into the "Jay Z and Beyonce concert."

As for the object of Ginnifer Goodwin's affection - Sir Paul McCartney. She literally "threw up joy on him."


Have you ever fangirled over a celebrity or otherwise?

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