Diet Diaries: Lemon Detox


"Limonnnnn" trilled Bono, sounding like he'd just sucked on one.

Could lemons be the catalyst to give you a short term detox fix though? regular Glitterkitty certainly thinks so. "This is the same diet Beyonce did to lose 22lb in 14 days" she explained.

(I wrote about this one a while back - see Beyonce's bonkers maple sugar diet.)

"You will need to buy maple syrup and I bought mine from for about €40 a litre.

Stock up on lemons and some chilli powder and you're good to go!


"The drink tastes fine, perhaps quite lemon-y but certainly not the 'vile' taste I'd read about. It is weird that your hunger will disappear. I did this for four days and I really noticed I'd lost weight when I got dressed today. The usual love handle bits I have that stick out under a particularly clingy polo neck didn't stick out as much. A pair of trousers that I'd worn the week before are practically falling off me today - I usually have to breathe in a bit to do up the button. I don't know how much weight I lost though, because I don't have a scales"

Glitterkitty adds "If you want to stick religiously to the diet the only thing you'll 'eat' during it is the drink you make up. No solids and no tea, coffee or fruit juices. This is a detox first and foremost, not strictly a diet". She did eat a bit during it though as she didn't want the detox to be too extreme.

Get the recipe and all the info on

So, what do you think? Lemon-tastic - or a recipe for disaster?

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