Marilyn Monroe in 5 easy steps?! How not to get the look with M&S Autograph


Aaieee - did anyone see Expose on TV3 last night?

Use Marks and Spencer Autograph makeup to look exactly like Marilyn Monroe - in 5 easy steps! Sounded great. I settled down with my cup of tea to learn these secrets.

What can I say except - it all went horribly wrong. The model looked as though she was showcasing a fetching Halloween zombie look.

A makeup artist got confused with the five easy steps catchphrase and thought it meant in 5 sloppy seconds. Hastily drawn wonky lines, nasty lipstick and scary eyebrows. And that was only Lorraine Keane. Ah no, only joking.

At the end of it the M&S model looked downright shell shocked. Needless to say she looked nothing like Marilyn Monroe.


Anyway here's the 5 easy steps:

  1. Cover eyes with a neutral shadow
  2. Define socket line with darker shadow
  3. Draw a line in the socket with brown eyepencil and smudge it
  4. Fill in eyebrows to define and make them darker
  5. Use kohl instead of liquid liner to dramatically define the eye, as "no normal person can use liquid liner" apparently.
  6. Use a mascara with a built in eyelash primer. Use loads of mascara.
  7. Lots n lots of red lipstick

Hmmm this is more than 5 steps methinks. Anyway anyone see this frightening event? What did you think?

And if this makes its way onto YouTube I want to be the first to know!

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