MFI - what does it stand for? Miracle Friggin' Invention, perhaps?

MFIMFI, the kitchen n' bathroom people, have invented the saviour of all women - A SHOWER THAT HELPS YOU TO LOOSE WEIGHT!

Yup. Seriously.

It's called Quadrant Steam and its eight body jets can burn up to 300 calories in a 60 minute session (if, of course, your water tank can cope with such demands). I don't know how it does it, but apparently it's through a combination of jets, steam and er, an integrated i-pod dock. You'll have a spa style experience in the comfort of your own home - and look! It's got a seat - this is my kinda shower.

What do you lot think? Could it be possible - and if so, who will be runnning out to buy one? If you're interested, contact MFI for info


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