Morning banana diet


I'm ashamed to admit that the dirty part of me laughed like a drain when I saw the title of this diet.

Morning banana wha? Sure we've all seen one or two of them in our time.

Which doesn't take away from the fact that this diet is not really a diet at all. It's a craze sweeping Japan (where else) and seems to be about portion control and lower fat options. But not necessarily. After all it points out that if you want pizza and chips for lunch go ahead and have them. Confused? You will be. And you've to eat bananas in the morning of course. But by giving it this faddy name this eating plan is leaving itself wide open for a bit of slagging.


Have a goo at the morningbanana site which defends the diet against foolish detractors - without actually saying much about why this diet is good. It just works - reet. The site urges you to join the forums supporting the diet - but only under a fake name - in case you're inspired to share TMI about your "digestive system" and how it's coping with an influx of bananas. Ewww.

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