The mother/daughter themed Boots Christmas ad has us bawling

The Boots Christmas ad documents a typically fraught mother/daughter relationship - that has a happy resolution on Christmas Day, of course.

Dammit, Boots! You just had to go tug on those heartstrings. This year's Christmas ad, debuting on the X Factor this Saturday (but you can see it first, below) follows in the recent tradition of making people cry.

According to The Drum, the ad follows a mother (Clare) and her teenage daughter (Molly). Clare appears to be a single mum who frustrates her daughter by failing to master a hairstyle and scolding her for wearing too much makeup. There's a meta moment, too, when Molly sneers at Clare, who's crying at a TV ad. And if you haven't started tearing up at that point, you soon will.

Without giving anything away, there's a happy ending (come on, there has to be!) and entire households will be full of the warm and fuzzies.


There's a nice 'lipstick' theme that runs throughout the ad, reminding the target audience - women - what it's really for. You, I and every Beaut reader know the power of a great lippy, so it's a clever touch.

For someone whose mother isn't around anymore, I can appreciate that this could be a bittersweet watch for some women. However, it's a nice tribute to the special mother/daughter relationship that, though difficult at times, anyone who has it, is lucky to have.

Or is that too deep an analysis of a Boots Christmas ad? What do you think? Is it up there with the best of them? What's your favourite Christmas ad? Which done do you hate?

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