Neighbours heading to London for "a week of shocks"

Neighbours fans will know of the massive upset the arrival of Toadie's former wife Dee has caused to Ramsay Street, having been supposed dead for thirteen years.

There was even more upset for fans when it emerged that despite looking like and literally being the same actress that played Dee Blis (Madeleine West), this was, in fact, an imposter who was only after Dee's inheritance. Soaps, wha'? Shur where would you get it.

Anyways, the storyline is going to head to this part of the world soon as Toadie goes to London to find a recently scarpered 'Dee', aka Andrea. There will be guaranteed drama in episodes that Neighbours are billing 'a week of shocks', most of which you will see in the trailer below, so spoiler warning and all that.


This is the second time Neighbours have filmed in the UK, the first time was ten years ago when Susan and Karl renewed their wedding vows there.

Neighbours' executive producer Jason Herbison recently commented: "It's just a small way of saying thanks to our incredible UK audience which have remained loyal since day one, and the London backdrop was perfect for the dramatic twist the Toadie, Dee and Sonya storyline is about to take."

Eh, and what about a trip to Ireland then Jason?

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