Neighbours reveals the full insane truth about Dee's return after 13 years

Spoiler Alert!

Neighbours fans were no doubt delighted to see the return of Dee Bliss to the soap after she was killed off thirteen years ago. We all love a good 'back from the dead' storyline from time to time, and Dee's death was one of the most tragic Neighbours had ever seen back in the day, as her and Toadie accidentally drove off a cliff on their wedding day.

Dee rocked back up to Erinsborough recently, with the same actress (Madeleine West) reprising her role. Toadie, of course, was completely shell-shocked to see his former wife, and even more so when it emerged he had a thirteen-year-old daughter.

There was speculation from some folk that this Dee (despite looking like and literally being the same person as old Dee) was an imposter, but a recent DNA test seemed to prove she was the real deal.

BUT... it was all lies!

Dee is a dirty rotten fake and is actually a lady called Andrea who is trying to con some money out of Dee's estate.


Ah here, Neighbours.

The episodes where the truth was revealed are on the way, but they've already been shown in Australia, where viewers saw 'Dee's' daughter say, "It was bad enough faking your DNA. Now you're lying and making him think he has a teenage daughter. And using Nell like that?"

Fake Dee replied, "Oh come on, I didn't want to involve that little kid, alright? But when he came in here and saw you, I panicked. Okay, I'm sorry. And that Sonya, do you really think she's going to believe anything without a paternity test?"

Turns out fake Dee managed to get a DNA sample from Toadie and Sonya's daughter Nell and then switched it in place of Willow's sample.

Isn't she a divil?

Still though, devo it's not real Dee.


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