Peplum Power: slimming, tummy hiding, pretty and right on trend

Holy hell batman, all the peplums out there  are giving me flashbacks to the '80s! In the late forties and fifties, Christian Dior added flounces to the waistline of jackets and this season and for the last couple of seasons every brand has revived the look.  If you see a dog walking down the street sporting a particularly stylish ruffle don't be surprised - peplums are EVERYWHERE.

And you know what?  I'm delira.  I think it’s great to finally see the return of the waist, after so many seasons of loose fitting, baggy silhouettes!


Peplum tops cinch in the waist, they're great for camouflaging tummies and they add a fun and feminine twist to your standard blouse.  They can come in for a bit of criticism because some say they are unflattering and add bulk. This isn't true - take it from me.   Peplums define the waist and highlight curves.

Are you a top peplum or a bottom peplum shape?
Regardless of your shape, I think this is a trend most women can pull off. Just be conscious of your shape and wear what works for you, because you’ll find you are either a top peplum or a bottom peplum shape. If you already have broad hips, sometimes the extra fabric can make you look broader than you actually are. However, if you’ve a boyish figure both top and bottom peplums will work for you.


Peplums can give shape to those of us who need a little help in some areas and coverage to those spots that we may be sensitive about. Like the dreaded tummy,  Which, lets face it, needs all the help it can get after a few sausage rolls too many.


Peplums on shirts and jackets are great for those who need to define a waist or hide a belly - have a look at these picks.


Junk in the trunk?
You can also find that some dress and skirt styles can give curves to those lacking in the rear and yet can hide those areas for those who have too much junk in the trunk.

And if you're just dipping your toe in the waters of peplum exploration  try a peplum belt like this one from Zara above.

I think they give everyone a feminine, sexy shape, regardless of body type. God knows they can even make Victoria Beckham look curvy!


What do you think? Is this a trend you have taken to?

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