What was the plot cut in Friends because Matthew Perry hated it?

Friends was pretty much the perfect television show for its ten-year run and remains so since it wrapped in 2004 (seriously, you don’t want to fight us on this).

With such a legacy, it’s always fun to imagine the storylines in the show that could have been.

Matthew Perry, who played Chandler, (a role which he’s never, ever going to not be associated with, but seems totally cool about) recently appeared on What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

Cohen asked Perry a number of Friends-themed questions, most interestingly about whether there were any storylines he wasn’t happy with.

"There was a storyline on Friends where Chandler went to a male strip joint because he really liked the sandwiches," Perry explained. "And I called up and was like, 'Let's not do this one'." He succeeded in having it cut.


As Friends fans know, Perry actually contributed a number of Chandler’s many famous lines to the script so it’s clear he was regarded highly by the crew there.

Here’s the talk show segment:


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