Poll: What brand of tea is in your cupboard?

Today, by midday, our office had drunk ten thousand cups of tea. Big, dirty mugs of the stuff, none of your dainty Earl Greys or sensible herbals.

We have a plastic vat of tea bags that needs to be filled up about twice a week, such is our tea drinking habit. Every half an hour or so, someone will chime up and call if anyone wants a cup and the entire floor screeches YES! Tea: rocket fuel for the Irish.

Now, this is where it gets controversial. I have no idea what brand we use. It's definitely either Lyons or Barry's, but which, I do not know. I do know that I tasted Barry's once after a cup of Lyons and preferred it, so that's what we have at home, but I could be drinking Super Valu own brand (the box in my Dad's kitchen because he's a tea snob and only drinks loose leaf) and I wouldn't know the difference.

Many Irish people have strong feelings about which tea is the best; excluding herbal and special tea, out of these tea brands that produce your good old fashioned builder's, which is your favourite? While we're at it, let's discuss why you like it and how you take it. Me? Strong with a dash of milk.




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