Looking good in the gym is important. And not just because not taking the time to look good is the equivalent of going to the supermarket in your pyjamas, but also because sportswear is designed to make you not just look good, but feel good too. It keeps you dry and cool and it also washes really well, dries even quicker and wears well too. What you should look for is a moisture management fabric with advanced wicking technology (that’s the science bit!) which helps keep moisture away from your skin - keeping you dry and cool, so you can work out to your best potential. And everyone looks better in proper gear, trust me on that. 

Aldi and Lidl are fantastic for good quality sportswear at fantastic prices. And they do all the accessories too. I recently got a head band that covers my ears, an armband for my phone and the best ever pair of gloves – I hate when my hands are cold. And speaking of being outside in the cold, make sure to wear a good moisturiser, I sometimes put on a light face mask, just but don’t put it on your forehead as it can run into your eyes when you sweat. Those of you that like the great outdoors, do make sure to get lots of high visibility stuff. You cannot be too visible. You might embarrass the teens - ‘Mum, seriously! Is that what you are wearing? You can probably be seen from space!’ - but safety is the priority.

TK Maxx are great for bargains but make sure to try everything on first, as you would with anything else.  Most of my favourite gear was bought there, and they always have a brilliant selection. Dunnes, Marks and Spencers and Penneys all do a range that like Rosemary said about the H&M range, will certainly look good but may not have the added bonus of being as breathable or durable. Worth checking out though as they look great. Sports World do some amazing bargains, I got a light jacket for running at half the cost I had seen it in another store.

Base layers are important to those of you that like running outdoors and you can get them in all the sports shops, so look out for bargains as the prices vary greatly. The top of the range high tech gear is definitely the best for comfort, but if you are only out for a short run rather than a long cycle or training for a marathon then you will probably be fine with a cheaper one. I have one from Dunnes. Works a treat.


It can be expensive to keep yourself in nice gear so here is my top tip. I buy all black gear and only buy something in colour if it is all the same colour. This means that all my bits can be matched up and then I wear them all equally.

So no excuses then, tog out nicely and work out hard!

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