Princess Beatrice hit Ed Sheeran with a sword when she tried to knight James Blunt

Even with context, that Ed Sheeran headline doesn't really make any sense - but let's go ahead and put some context on it and see.

According to a report, Ed Sheeran and James Blunt were at the Royal Lodge in Windsor with Princess Beatrice, daughter of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York. Blunt reportedly said that he wished he had a knighthood and Princess Beatrice, for a joke, picked up a sword - well, it IS the Royal Lodge so we're guessing they're handy to come by - and did the knighting ceremony on Blunt for a laugh.



The story goes that as Blunt stood up, Beatrice pulled the sword back and accidentally struck Sheeran in the face with it. The ginger-haired singer-songwriter was then taken to a nearby hospital where he had stitches placed on the wound, and even returned to the party to play down the whole thing as Princess Beatrice was said to be very upset over the accident.

Sheeran was fine about it, by all accounts, and performed a concert the very next night in London. He later was sighted with a noticeable scar on the side of his face and has a good story to tell his grandchildren years from now.


Via The Sun

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