One of Graham Norton's most memorable guests is back on tonight's show

Graham is joined by one of his most unforgettable guests ever tonight, Mr Mark Wahlberg. If you're wondering why the hell he is so memorable, just google 'Mark Wahlberg' and 'drunk' and you'll soon see.

Alternatively, this picture says it all...

Graham Norton Mark Whalberg

The Hollywood star is currently on the publicity trail for the new Transformers movie - yes, there's yet another Michael Bay robot adventure on the way.

Also on the show, a fave of ours, the legend that is Woody Harrelson, who will be chatting about War for the Planet of the Apes alongside his co-star Andy Serkis.


Joining them on the couch will be British actor Tom Holland, who will be talking about taking his first solo outing as Spider-man soon,

Finally, Sienna Miller will also be on to chat about her role in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof at the Young Vic, and music will be provided by Alison Moyet who performs her single Reassuring Pinches.

It's going to make for a pretty jam-packed couch, but if the pictures below are anything to go by, it will be Mark Walhberg, Sienna Miller and Tom Holland, who will later be joined by Woody Harrelson and Andy Serkis.

Let's just hope they managed to keep Wahlberg off the booze for the night.


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