Sarah Jessica Parker talks 'Divorce', 'Sex & The City' and 'pulling up or down online'

We couldn't be more excited Sarah Jessica Parker's return to TV and by the looks of things, neither could she.

Parker was on Jimmy Kimmel last night talking about all things 'Divorce', 'Sex & The City' and, inexplicably, the action of pulling "up or down" online while promoting the show that's helmed by herself alongside Ireland's own Sharon Horgan.

Having gotten her start on TV many moons ago, Kimmel brought up some of Parker's early work which led to a very awkward but hilarious exchange about the internet that only she could (ahem) pull off.

It's a brave move for Parker to return to the arena where she made her name but judging by her excitement, it can only be good.


'Divorce' starts on Sky Atlantic on October 11th.

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